Calendar is not viewable, always reports “Access Denied”. How to fix it?

How to assign characters to users under Joomla?

What is Calendar Secret?

I can’t install RaidPlanner, Joomla give me “There was an error uploading this file to the server.” error

Q: Calendar is not viewable, always reports “Access Denied”. How to fix it?
A: Calendar view permission needs to be granted to the selected groups. This can be made in Joomla Administration interface. Go to Extension/RaidPlanner (or Components/RaidPlanner in Joomla3), and press the Options button in the upper right corner. Click on the Permissions tab, and set View Calendar to enabled to groups who needs to view the Calendar.

Q: How to assign characters to users under Joomla?
A: RaidPlanner installs a User plugin, which adds 3 extra fields to user profiles: Charcters, Calendar Secret and Vacation. The plugin is installed automatically, but it needs to be enabled in Joomla administration interface. After the plugin is enabled you can see the new fields in User Manager, also users can see it on their own profile form.
Characters needs to be entered in a seperate line each.

Q: What is Calendar Secret?
A: Calendar secret is used for calendar subscription. If it is not empty for a user, user can subscribe (otherwise they can download only) the calendar .ics files. This subscriptions can be used in Apple iCal, Thunderbird and lot other calendar software for online event handling.

Q: I can’t install RaidPlanner, Joomla give me “There was an error uploading this file to the server.” error
A: RaidPlanner installation package is ~5Mb big. Some web server configuration not allows uploading files bigger than 2Mb. In that case you can use Install from URL feature of Joomla. Go to Extension manager and paste the following URL into the “Install from URL” field:


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  1. Taracque:

    I absolutely love this extension! I run a Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn site and needed an event calendar as there isn’t one in-game. I love that it is set up to be a generic planner with game-specific themes, so you can customize it any way you want.

    I created a FFXIV: ARR theme and would love to share it with the rest of the community. However, the RaidPlanner forums are closed to new account registration so I cannot post. Also, I would gladly donate to this extension. I cannot believe it is offered for free. It should definitely be a paid component. But, again, until the support forums are enabled for new accounts, I am a little hesitant to support it.

  2. Taracque says:

    Hi, RP is free, and will be free forever. This is a hobby project, so it’s not guaranteed that I’ll update it forever.
    You should be able to use the forum with your Facebook account, please tell me with some details if it’s not working. (http://taracque.hu/forums/forum/raidplanner-discussions/)

  3. Finally! Logging in with Facebook worked! I kept trying to register conventionally and create a forum account, but I kept being met with a critical error. Considering the top page of the forum says, “The forum ‘RaidPlanner Discussions’ is closed to new topics and replies”, it seemed that the forums were closed to new registrations and locked down.

    You might look into that issue, and additionally give people an alternate way to contact you. Replying here was the only way to get through (I had been trying for weeks).

    I will edit my review on the JED now that I know that support is indeed not dead.

    Thanks, Taracque!

    • Taracque says:

      Go to the appropriate forum category (Bug report, Development, Feature request etc.) and create a new topic there.
      New topics are not allowed in the root of the forum.

  4. I’d like to know how can i set up raidplanner so everyone will be able to see note’s that ppl write for example when they can not come to raid .. Only high ranked members and admin can see that.. Can somebody help?

  5. Scott Recor says:

    there is no sync option for the newest version i can enter guild name but it will not sync

  6. Will Greene says:

    no luck atall with this…. no actual web server error but unable to set raid planner, these are my issues and problems:

    1) unable to add characters (even as super user i cant assign a character to my own profile)
    2) unable to sign up to a raid, unless super user
    3) no docs or any help to do this so called “linking to battle.net”
    4) just totally useless system to be honest

    all i want to be able to do is:
    1) have users able to register
    2) allow registered users to enter there character name
    3) allow admin users to create raid events
    4) allow registered users to signup to events

    none of this is possible with raidplanner

  7. Will Greene

    the problems your having are likely you not knowing what your doing, if you can provide more details about your issue we may be able to isolate this issue as you being an ungrateful noob, however you’re initial post is just totally useless to be honest.

    all of that is possible with raid planner if you know how to use it, I’m not saying its easy getting it to work I’m learning myself but, your post makes you sound like a frustrated spoiled child.

  8. James says:

    Taracque, are you available for work?

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