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  1. Hello dear Taracque,

    I have some issues with your Raid Planer.
    First of all I tried to make my own iconset for GW2 but I didn´t found the .css where I could define the classes.
    So I took your WOW theme, but Instalation failed (not compleetly).
    I now have the Icons of WOW in my /images file and the raidplanner is filled out whith WOW specific classes and so on…
    Things missing: the Plugin and the css of the theme.

    Could You help me please?
    Ore where I have to put the files ist specificly to get it work? Without installin via backend?

    If you whish I could send you print screens of the failor-notice.

    With best Regards,

  2. Taracque says:

    This is not the right place to discuss it. Moved to the Disccusion board.

  3. eno says:

    can jo a version for Star Wars the old Repoblic

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