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Plugins (formerly themes) is handled in a different way in version 0.8 and up.

Check WoW Plugin until I made some documentation… ( Install this via Joomla’s Extension Manager, and enable it there.

From version 0.7 RaidPlanner uses Themes for game specific things, and all WoW specific thing were removed from the RaidPlanner package.
A Plugin contains the followings:
Icons, plugins, class names, role names, race names, game specific CSS file, and optionally a code which allow synchronization of the roster with a web database.

Currently 2 Plugins are available for RaidPlanner 0.8:
RaidPlanner WoW Theme
RaidPlanner Lotro Theme (unfinished)

Old Theme files for GW2 and TSW can be found here:
RaidPlanner GuildWars 2 Theme
RaidPlanner The Secret Word Theme (unfinished)


4 Responses to Plugins

  1. Hello dear Taracque,

    I have some issues with your Raid Planer.
    First of all I tried to make my own iconset for GW2 but I didn´t found the .css where I could define the classes.
    So I took your WOW theme, but Instalation failed (not compleetly).
    I now have the Icons of WOW in my /images file and the raidplanner is filled out whith WOW specific classes and so on…
    Things missing: the Plugin and the css of the theme.

    Could You help me please?
    Ore where I have to put the files ist specificly to get it work? Without installin via backend?

    If you whish I could send you print screens of the failor-notice.

    With best Regards,

  2. Taracque says:

    This is not the right place to discuss it. Moved to the Disccusion board.

  3. eno says:

    can jo a version for Star Wars the old Repoblic