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Community Builder
<p>RaidPlanner has it's own plugin for Community Build. This plugin is automatically installed if Community Builder is installed in the system.</p><p>If you install Community Builder later than RaidPlanner, just reinstall RaidPlanner, and Community Builder plugin will be installed.</p><p>The goal of the CB plugin is allow users to manage their own characters, or assign characters to themselves.</p><p>Once you have the CB plugin installed, publish it using Community Builder's Plugin Manager. There are two modes of CB plugin:</p><p><strong>Character assignment mode:</strong> </p><p>This mode is mainly usable if you are playing WoW on an official server. In that case RaidPlanner can synchronize it's characters database with Armory.</p><p>Add a textarea type field to user's profile using CB Field Manager. Name it to characters. Go to Plugin Manager, select RaidPlanner character and set "Characters field:" setting to this new field that you created. Choose no to "RaidPLanner Direct Synchronization" setting. Enable the plugin and Save.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Users have to put their own characters name into that field, separated by a newline character. Every time they visit the Calendar page of RaidPlanner, RaidPlanner will check if there are any character which is not assigned to a user, but appears in the profile. All such characters will be assigned to the user who has a matching character in their profile.</p><p><strong>Character editor mode</strong>:</p><p>Use this mode for self management of characters (by users).</p><p>Add a RaidPlanner Characters type field into users profile, save it, and set it in RaidPlanner plugin settings (see above).  Set "RaidPLanner Direct Synchronization" to yes.</p><p>With this settings users who have "edit_characters" permission given in RaidPlanner Group settings can add, edit their own characters. Users without edit_characters permission can set existing characters as their own.</p>

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