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RaidPlanner has it’s own plugin for Community Build. This plugin is automatically installed if Community Builder is installed in the system.

If you install Community Builder later than RaidPlanner, just reinstall RaidPlanner, and Community Builder plugin will be installed.

The goal of the CB plugin is allow users to manage their own characters, or assign characters to themselves.

Once you have the CB plugin installed, publish it using Community Builder’s Plugin Manager. There are two modes of CB plugin:

Character assignment mode: 

This mode is mainly usable if you are playing WoW on an official server. In that case RaidPlanner can synchronize it’s characters database with Armory.

Add a textarea type field to user’s profile using CB Field Manager. Name it to characters. Go to Plugin Manager, select RaidPlanner character and set “Characters field:” setting to this new field that you created. Choose no to “RaidPLanner Direct Synchronization” setting. Enable the plugin and Save.

Users have to put their own characters name into that field, separated by a newline character. Every time they visit the Calendar page of RaidPlanner, RaidPlanner will check if there are any character which is not assigned to a user, but appears in the profile. All such characters will be assigned to the user who has a matching character in their profile.

Character editor mode:

Use this mode for self management of characters (by users).

Add a RaidPlanner Characters type field into users profile, save it, and set it in RaidPlanner plugin settings (see above).  Set “RaidPLanner Direct Synchronization” to yes.

With this settings users who have “edit_characters” permission given in RaidPlanner Group settings can add, edit their own characters. Users without edit_characters permission can set existing characters as their own.


RaidPlanner Plugin Parameters:

RaidPlanner Plugin Enabled: enables or disables the plugin operations. Once it is set to No the plugin will not work, however it’ll still saves the data into user profiles. Turn it to Yes always.

RaidPLanner Direct Synchronization: if enabled, the plugin directly connected to RaidPlanner database. If a user removes a character from his(her) profile, that character will be deleted from the RaidPlanner database.

Characters field: which CB field is used to store list of characters.

Vacations field: which CB field is used to store vacation periods.

Calendar secret field: which CB field is used to store calendar secret.


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