Guild configuration

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Guild configuration
RaidPlanner can handle multiple guilds on the same site. But at least one guild must be configured to make RaidPlanner working. Guilds have the following data stored: <strong>Guild name</strong>, <strong>Sync Plugin</strong>. Other data may be available depending on the used Sync Plugin. Please read Themes section, as Plugins are packed with game Themes. Currently RaidPlanner has 2 Sync plugin available: wow_armory and lotro. <strong>wow_armory:</strong> this plugin synchronizes the RaidPlanner roster with World of Warcraft's Armory via Blizzard's service. You will need to setup <strong>Armory region </strong>and <strong>Realm </strong> <strong>lotro:</strong> this plugin synchronizes the roster with Turbine's service. You have to registered with Turbine, and you'll need a developer name and an API key for that. More informations here: <strong>Guild name</strong> needs to be filled in every case even if don't use any of the above plugins.

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