Guild configuration

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RaidPlanner can handle multiple guilds on the same site. But at least one guild must be configured to make RaidPlanner working.

Guilds have the following data stored:

Guild name, Sync Plugin. Other data may be available depending on the used Sync Plugin.
Please read Themes section, as Plugins are packed with game Themes.

Currently RaidPlanner has 2 Sync plugin available:

wow_armory and lotro.


this plugin synchronizes the RaidPlanner roster with World of Warcraft’s Armory via Blizzard’s service. You will need to setup

Armory region and Realm 


this plugin synchronizes the roster with Turbine’s service. You have to registered with Turbine, and you’ll need a developer name and an API key for that. More informations here:

Guild name needs to be filled in every case even if don’t use any of the above plugins.


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