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Groups defines what particular user can access from RaidPlanner.

There is a special group called Guest which defines Guest user (i.e user without Joomla registration) access. Guest group have no members.

In RaidPlanner every user can be a member of one group only.
Users can be members of multiple groups. The strongest privilege combinations is in effect.
Example: Group A has edit_raid_any, Group B has view_calendar privilege set. A user who is member of both groups will have both privileges.

The privileges which can be setup for groups are the followings:

allow_signup: Allow group members to signup for the raids. Without this permission, user will not be able to signup.

view_raids: Can see raid details. User with this permission can click on calendar events and view its details.

view_calendar: Only users with this permission can see the calendar, otherwise they will get an error: Access Restricted

edit_raids_own: User with this permission can create new raids, and can later edit raids created by themselves.

edit_raids_any: User with this permission can create raid, and edit any raids, that are already created.

delete_raid_own: User with this permission, user can delete raid, what he(she) created.

delete_raid_any: User with this permission user can delete any raid.

edit_characters: User with this permission can add, edit, delete his(her) own characters. (See User Plugin)

An example setup:

Guest group has the following privilege:
view_calendar (nothing else is checked)

Raider group has:
allow_signup, view_calendar, view_raids, edit_characters checked

Raid Leader group has:
allow_signup, view_raids, view_calendar, edit_raid_own,

Guild Leader group has:
allow_signup, view_raids, view_calendar, edit_raid_own,
edit_raids_any,  delete_raid_owndelete_raid_any, edit_characters

With this configuration:
Non registered users can see the calendar, but can’t see the raid details.
Raiders can signup to raids, and manage their own characters
Raid Leaders can create, modify and delete their own raids, and can do everything that Raiders.
Guild Leaders can do everything (edit, delete any raids, and everything above)


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