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On 2011/10/28, in , by Taracque
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RaidPlanner has some component wide configuration options. These settings can be accessed by pressing the Options button on upper right corner of RaidPlanner main screen.

The following options are there:

RaidPlanner Settings tab

Load CSS: if you set this to “No” RaidPlanner will not load it’s own CSS file, so you can use your own css definitions for RaidPlanner screens. Those CSS definitions should be loaded with your template.

Guild Settings tab

Armory synchronization: if set to yes, RaidPlanner tries to synchronize guild data with armory. Set this to No if you are not playing WoW, or not playing it on an official server.

Sync time: If armory synchronization is turned to Yes, this setting will control how often (how many hours between two check) RaidPlanner should check armory.


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