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    Everything began, when i started to recreate the Site for my WoW guild and chose Joomla to be “the one” CMS.

    Joomla 1.6 was easy to configure hat the permission settings i was locking for so i decided to use that one.
    The only problem which i had was a good raid planner.
    The extensions an the joomla site were for 1.0 legacy or outdated so i used a stand alone raidplanner integrated via wrapper.

    In the Time between J 1.6 and J 1.7 i found taracque’s Raidplanner for the first time (must be version 0.1 i guess) but at that point i chose not to use it, because it didn’t fit my needs.

    When J 1.7 hit live the problem was back on, because the other raidplanner doesn’t support 1.7 and is not updated anymore(i think) so my search began again.

    Well taracque did a very good job in that time, so i installed it on my test environment.
    Many tests and bug reports later, i now can announce that the Raidplanner is on my live site and i am happy about it.
    It solved many problems which my old raidplanner had, like double users databases, single-sign-on problems and so on.

    Thanks taracque, you do a great job.
    I have never seen someone who is so quick in responding or fixing bugs.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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