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    Ok i’ll post here and edit my post ( plz make forum post editing possible everytime, it looks like that 5mn after the post, we can’t edit no more ).

    Ideas to make RP suitable for every game :

    RaidPlanner :

    – Make width of the tooltip (and its content) easily editable

    – Enabling/disabling feature ( for example, i removed all the code relating to History feature because i don’t need it. It would be nicer to just tick a box to disable it )

    – Possibility to add custom images/icons for every class we make ( just another field in the class creation page ).

    – Add a “class” column in the event popup that display the images/icons of the class ( between Character’s name and Status imo ). That gives a better idea of what class is that character without having to hover the character’s name ( colors can’t always work, WoW has a color for every class but others MMORPG doesn’t )

    Roster :

    – Add an “icon” column in the roster page that display the images/icons of that class class ( or simply add this image next to the class field in the roster table )

    – When we clic on a character’s name, it redirect to homepage of the site. Would be nice if it could redirect to the profile page of this user. The problem is that we are all using different profile system ( Community builder / JomSocial …). Maybe add a field on admin pannel that let us choose between JomSocial or Community Builder and set in a .php file or something that if we select JomSocial it will be this link, and if we select CB it wil be this one.
    ( I can help u finding the profile links )

    Today’s event module :

    – Choose to display today’s events or a list of the next 2-3 incoming events

    Thanks for your work Taracque, hope this component will go far !


    From now classes has now their own css class (named class_1 … class_x) Out of the box raidplanner has a WoW iconset assigned to those css classes, but with different css and icons it should fit most games. It’s planned to add iconset for more games.

    There is a raidplanner event module, which show the next N events instead of today ones. You can install only that single module with downloading the complete package from github, and zip the mod_raidplanner_events folder, and install it in joomla.

    In case of WoW characters link goes to Characters Armory page. I don’t know much about other games, but if they have something like WoW Armory, characters can be linked to there.


    Popup width and height now configurable on menu level, also visibility of History things can be turned off/on from the backend.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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