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    Andy Cohen


    This looks like a great joomla extention, however im having alot of trouble getting initial sign-ups/ raid events working correctly, i have registered users as characters and added them to guilds. However i dont want to sync with any game website because these players are playing across multiple games.

    When i display the raids on the website, users are unable to sign-up for the raid event. It simply shows the date and time, aswell as the location of the event as a link, that links back to my site’s homepage.

    Here is a link to where the problem is occurring,

    Any Help you could offer would be great, also i have no theme downloaded as i don’t want one of the two existing themes, does this have anything to do with the problem?


    I had this issue when I set it up, similar to what you describe. (no wow sync). make sure that the characters are at or above the level you set in the “Level Range” for the raid.
    and also the joomla user account group that the people having trouble signing up ar in, must have the “Signup” permission set to allowed in the raidplanner settings. (click component > raid planner. you will see the database check button if your on the right screen, click the options button in the top right corner, go to the permissions tab)

    that should help

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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