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    I started creating our new Guildhome. First quick and dirty with eqdkp, but that system is so fucking bloated and the code is just way too horrible so i startet again with WordPress. But WordPress as nice as it is is not something i could use to freely modify and position the content the way i wanted, single sign on completly integrated forum etc, so I startet again with Joomla. And found this wonderful Raidplaner. After a little more that a day I got everything set up and running.

    Our page can be viewed at http://www.shinra-guild.eu even if the raid calendar isn’t visible it’s highly in use =)

    so thanks Taracque for creating this component and let me create this site so fast. I myself will try to get some code in here and there, forked your github repo before 😀 so expect some pull requests :O

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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