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    Guild site:

    Joomla 2.5.8

    Raid Planner – latest development release (problem was the same when using 0.7.0)

    Have set up the roster for my guild Site and for some reason the sort by rank is not working correctly.

    People are being assigned the correct rank, but the ranks aren’t in the correct order>

    e.g. the top rank is ‘Assistant GM’ and GM is the second rank, even though in the configuration sectionI have set rank ‘0’ to Guild Master and rank 1 to ‘Assistant GM’

    Also, the NEXT rank in the list is ‘Members Alt’ which is set to rank 9. The ranks of ‘Officer’ and ‘Officer Alt’ are showing last in the list.

    The ACTUAL Order should be:

    Rank 0 : Guild Master

    Rank 1: Assistant GM

    Rank 2: Officer

    Rank 3: Officer Alt

    Rank 4: Team Breave

    Rank 5: Team Danny

    Rank 6: Idiot Douchebag

    Rank 7: Members Alt

    Rank 8: Trial

    Rank 9: Social Member

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    Just noticed as soon as I posted this that the ‘sorting by rank’ is ALPHABETICAL and not numerical. Is there any way to fix this so it sorts by the RANK in the guild (0-9), rather than sorts the ranks alphabetically…..


    Greatings, ive made a threat few months ago about this issue but you can solve with a simple option. In each rank put a number to order your rank by numeric. You can check my guild website example:


    Currently sorting is made on client side with simply alphanumeric sort. I’ve put this into github, and I’ll make this in next version.


    to help you try to do this way:

    Rename all your ranks starting with a numerical order.

    Rank 0 : 1. Guild Master

    Rank 1: 2. Assistant GM

    Rank 2: 3. Officer

    Rank 3: 4. Officer Alt

    Rank 4: 5. Team Breave

    Rank 5: 6. Team Danny

    Rank 6: 7. Idiot Douchebag

    Rank 7: 8. Members Alt

    Rank 8: 9. Trial

    Rank 9: 10. Social Member

    I promisso this way sort ranking will work 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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