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    first of all, thx for your hard work

    Bug 1: i added a new Raid (joomla admin portal -> raidPlanner -> Raids), duration (example 200) and guild didnt saved. Over my webpage it works fine.

    Bug 2: after i added a new character (joomla admin portal -> raidPlanner -> Character) the guild name is not listed in the overview

    Bug 3: when i select a name in the group configuration (joomla admin portal -> raidPlanner -> Groups – Registered) after saving i cant deselect them.

    Bug 4: when i try to register (over my webpage) my char for a raid, no char names listed in the dropdown menu (Character Name).

    Bug 5: when i edit the raid a over my webpage, start and end time changed automatically to an other date and time. When i click on the calender Icon, it shows me the 2nd april 2025.

    i use joomla Version 1.5.22, IE9 and RaidPlaner 0fe027a german



    1, 2, 3, 5 are (hopefully) fixed in latest version.
    4. Maybe also fixed, but if not I need some more info. Do you see the empty dropdown menu in “Teilnehmer” part of the window, or in “Anmeldung”?


    good job..thx works fine now but “RaidPlanner Events” show +1 hour now (example: calender shows 00:32, the RaidPlanner events window 01:32).

    One question, why i can reg. a char only when i have “edit_raids_any” rights? It would be great when all members can register only there own chars an not all listed chars.

    is that possible to change the background color from the popup window? i changed the class color of rouges to yellow (bec. rouges in Rift are yellow) and you cant read the names on the white background.



    Timezone problem is now fixed in modules.
    The modal box background color can be setup using the following css descriptor:
    #sbox-content { background-color: black }
    If you want white outer border for the modal window, add
    #sbox-window { background-color: white }
    to your template’s css.

    If you have “edit_raids_any” permission, that means you can signup any characters to the raid not just your own. This right is for officers.

    For self service signup the following conditions are checked:
    Current user has character(s) (check in RaidPlanner backend / Characters), which meets Raid’s configuration (level is in the defined range, rank is lower or same that in raid definition, if guild defined in raid, character have to be in the same guild), and there are at least Freeze time minutes left till raid start.
    If all of those matches, you will see a “Signup” (“Anmeldung”) button in event dialog where you can signup your characters only.


    hey Taracque, thx for fixing the bugs. i need to download the new version later.

    All setups are match and i see the “signup” button but there is nothing to signup my char.

    my char is in group registered and have the “allow_signup”, “view_raids” and “view_calendar” permission.

    Char level is 50, rank 2 and guild name is set

    Raid setup:
    Start time: 2011-10-21 00:32
    Invite Time: 2011-10-20 01:00
    Level: 50-50
    min. Rank: 2
    Group: registered
    Guild: guild name


    Please try to remove all requirements from raid first (no level range, no min rank, no group, no guild) and make a try.
    The Invited group feature is not working yet, so please don’t use it for now.


    i removed all requirements now but same problem. i can only signup a char with “edit_raids_own” permission.

    i have found a little design bug. when i make a mouseover at the signed char name (event dialog) the bar under the char name moved up when i scroll down with my mouse.

    when i can do something for you let me know 🙂



    edit_raid permission means, you can set other players character to the raid.
    I’ve no idea… Can you export all raidplanner tables from your database and send it to me by email?
    taracque at taracque dot hu

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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