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    I’m using Joomla 1.7.1
    Installed Version : 6ao22ce

    Backend : When editing a raid there is no display of the raid in the right of the window
    Frontend : When choosing a raid in the calender a window saying “an error occured” pops up, which only can be closed

    Do you need further informations ?



    Same Problem, same Version


    Thk, fixed.


    Its a little bit better, but still i can’t add any player to my raid, not in backend and not in frontend.


    Do you have characters assigned to users? What it means, that you can’t add? Do you have allow_signup or edit_raid_own/edit_raid_any privilegs?


    Add means sign up ^^^

    Now it works but finally I have questions regarding the backend. I activated the User plugin for the 2 (in fact there are 3) addional fields in the User Manager und filled the field “characters”. But it seems to have no impact on the system. What should be the intent for the field “characters”?

    When I edit the field Username in the RaidPlanner-Character Menu, it finally works. There should be a synchroinisation for charcters in the User Manager and username in RaidPlanner-Characters? And what happens, if RP gets new data from the armory, will the username be overwritten?

    thx Thomas


    Username field for users is used when a particular user want to signup. If the characters which are in the field are not assigned to any user in the system, RaidPlanner auto assign those characters to the current user.
    Armory sync will not change user settings for existing chars, but ofc. user will be empty for new characters.


    Mmh … It does not seem to work with filling the charachters field into the user Form.
    I did the following :

    “A” = New User of Website.
    “B” = Character not in the characterlist of RP
    “C” = Character in the characterlist of RP, but not assigned to a user
    “D” = Character in the characterlist of RP and assigned to “A”

    A new user called “A” registered at my website. “A” was added in the RP group, which is able to sign-up, via backend.

    “B” in the field character of user form : “A” can not sign-up to raid
    “C” in the field character of user form : “A” can not sign-up to raid

    Only when I assign “D” to “A”, a sign-up is possible, but only for “D”, no matter if “B”, or “C” or “B” and “C” is filled in the field character of user form.

    So I can’t see any impact, whenn filling a character into the user form.


    Check the latest version, I’ve made some fixing in armory sync.


    Ok I will ckeck it ….

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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