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    Hello Taraque

    I just installed and tested the Version 0.7 on a clean Joomla 2.5.4.

    Installation worked well. Also the wow Plugin. Sync and Rosterview are ok.

    The repeating event confused me at beginning. (1 day before etc.). But after a while I figured out, that if the calender view is shown the event repeats automatically the days you have defined before.

    So I played a bit in the backend and changed the “time before” of the repeating event and updated in the frontend the calender view.

    I figured out, that in some circumstances the events are shown twice for the same day.


    Picture Backend:

    Picture Frontend:

    A little remark. As the events are repeated weekly, I would prefere to change the repeating time to week instead of days.
    1 week
    2 weeks
    3 weeks
    4 weeks

    Best wishes


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    You only inserted the initial 2 raids (23rd and 24th of May)? Have you seen any errors in Joomla? I’ll try to reproduce it, but it’s a bit strange that raid with id 8 has 4 days set for repeat.
    Do you think that 2 weeks is not enough for repeating?
    Thanks for your help!


    Excatly, I only inserted the two initial raids (23 and 24) and edited the repeating time starting from one up to 14.

    I’ll test again and try to repeat the double entrance. I’ll let you know in a new post.

    Two weeks of repeating is actullay enough. Most of our members register themself for a week.

    By the way, a mass regristration is planed for release 0.8? This is actually something our members asked most for.


    I only get double events if I change the repeating time of an older event, when there are already automatically created new events. This explains probably why id 8 has 4 days set in repeating.

    I know that the code is not desigend to use the repeating event as I did it and that you only should change the latest event. But as the users are doing everything they can even if they are not supposed to do it, I would probably change it.


    The current plan is to register every invited member as Not signed for the raids. That will make characters appears in the list, but without any status.
    I really don’t know how it should work, since automatic registration as Attending will produce false results (Raidleader will think that there is enough ppl on the raid, even if they never heard about that raid)


    Auto repeat can be set on the backend, and in theory site admin knows what (s)he is doing. But I’ll add a check, so repeat will not happen if there is already a raid in the given date with the same settings.


    I’ve put the check, now it shouldn’t make 2 raids to the same time if location, guild, and invited group are the same.


    Hi Taracque

    I downloaded the latest development release and tested it quickly again. I don’t have two raids on the same day anymore. Looks good. Thanks!

    It may be off-topic, but I don’t think it has to be an automatic regristration. From my point of view, there is no advantage, if the raid members are signed-in without status. I think it’s the same, as they aren’t singed in.

    Personally I would prefer, if the signup tab would be enhanced with a list of all upcoming raids, where you would have the opportunity to sign in for every single raid by a check box.


    Attending                              Role                     Character
    o Attending                           o Tank                  [Drop Box]
    o Not Attending                     o Healer
    o Late                                   o etc.

    Upcoming Raids
    [ ]   Monday, 28.5.2012          Firelands
    [ ]   Tuesday 29.5.2012          Firelands
    [ ]   Wednesday 30.5.2012     Firelands
    … etc.

    Best wishes


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    Put characters without status give a better overview, you can see instantly, who is not signed.
    Multi-raid registration (what you have described) is a different thing, I’ll put it into next version.

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