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    i’ve got a problem with time :

    I create a new event with a date and an hour (for example) 16:00
    Then when i go to the calendar, i see my event: 16:00 EventName
    I clic on it, and in the popup after starting time i have : date 18:00
    So it add +2 hours to the hour i’ve selected.
    Its the same with “Signup time” time, it add +2 hours

    And its the same with the “Today module”

    i tried adding this line in the language file :

    DATE_FORMAT_LC2=”l d Y à H:i”

    it change the date format well but still has +2 hours :/

    Thanks in advance


    That has been fixed in the latest version. Download it from github.


    hmmm, i installed the new version but it changed every changements to css and views files i made ( that’s normal ) BUT the bug was fixed.
    So i remplaced all the ” views file” and the css one but when i remplaced the view/edit/tmpl/default.php file the bug reappeard.
    And now i cant fix it anymore, i reinstalled raiplanner with the last version and the bug still appears :/

    would be cool if you could tell me what changements have been made to fix that bug plz 🙂


    Why you edit raid planner files? Every update will remove your modifications. If you turn off CSS file, then raid planner css is not loaded, and you can add your own definitions to your template’s css file, in that case and update will not kill you.
    But you can find the modifications here:


    yep but it will only affect css file.
    I modified every views files cause i think some feature are not necessary or not needed by me :p
    (for example, i removed history,duration of event fields, invitation date fields, freeze fields etc )

    Thanks, gonna give it a try

    EDIT : doesn’t work :/

    i downloaded last version, extracted it, and moved those 4 files to my FTP :





    When i enter for example : 21:00
    I clic on save, then it automatically change it to 23:00


    (can’t edit anymore my post)

    Hmmm, is that because i changed

    components/com_raidplanner/views/edit/tmpl/default.php file ? and some others

    gonna try

    doesn’t work :/

    im just gonna reinstall it completely and change files manually instead of remplacing them :p


    I can’t give help, since you have a modified version, and I don’t know what and how it was changed.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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