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    Greetings Taraque

    I cant be tired to greet you about this lovely tool that supports my guild with totaly organization.

    I have a double signup issue, can you have a look and maybe understand why this is happen and explain to me a way to avoid to happen?

    Look at this example:
    Raid extra 20-May-2014 ( http://www.morteougloria.com )

    Raid SoO 10 man 22-May-2014 ( http://morteougloria.com )

    and i have many examples in a few months before. Sometimes it creates a double signup and i dont understand why this is happened.

    I already used the database utility check and doesn’t solv the problem.
    Removing unanchored signups : 0 found
    Removing guildess characters : 0 found
    Removing unassigned profile data : 0 found

    The only issue here is that we use the statistics to creat a chart with the attendings, late, not attendings and even who didnt sign up and the result can be tricky, if i dont take notes that in this especific days this signups was doubled the results will count with the double signups.

    I hope i could made my self clear, sory about my Inglish i did my best.


    fixed. I had an old Raidplanner version. Updated with the new version and now works fine.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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