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    Hi Taracque,

    Thanks for this great component, but I have a big problem if someone want to sign up to a raid.

    There is no drop down for the Attending to the raid and for the Attending Role of the raid, just plain text. Its works if the right text is clicked, but no one can see if he select anything or not, because nothing change not even the colour for the selected role or attending. The user sees it first until he saved it and gets redirected to the previous site. Is it possible to make this as a drop down menu?

    Picture: http://www.risingdarkness.eu/001.png

    The other question I have is if it’s possible that the calendar change the colour for the user if he have attended to a raid? The background of the raid is green instead dark grey if he attend on the raid or if he is refused or have refuse the raid it is in red.

    I made a picture sample to explain it better.

    Picture how its looks now when logged in there is no differences if I attend to a raid or not: http://www.risingdarkness.eu/002.png

    Picture how its will be wished to look for the user when he is logged in for attended raids or refused raids: http://www.risingdarkness.eu/003.png

    Green he attend to raid

    Red he don´t attend to raid or are refused

    Orange if he is on waiting position

    And standard if nothing is selected with the user and this raid and he don’t made any actions itself for the special raid

    the URL is: risingdarkness.eu

    Thanks for this great component and i hope you can help me somehow out.


    PS. Sorry if my english is not the best.


    There should be Radio buttons on the signup screen. I don’t know why it’s not displayed, it can be a template javascript or css issue. Unfortunately your site doesn’t work, so I can’t check.
    Raids where you are not signed has 0.8 opacity. Also you can add
    div.event.signed and div.event.unsigned definitions to your css file.



    thanks for the reply, sorry the site works now again there was a misconfiguration of php.ini i just fixed it. Its will be nice from you if you can check it, because i can´t finde a conflict, maybee you have an idea.

    If you like i canprovide you an account to login to the site if this will be helpfull.




    PS. i just updated the German translation. If you like you can merge this with the existing ones.



    Try to upate to 0.7.2 (use the Joomla built in Extension Updater).
    Localizations are managed via Transifex, you can edit the translations there. Sorry I can’t work with ZIP files, it’s to much time to manage.


    Thanks a lot its fixed now i will look up to update the german translation because its really out to date.

    Thanks a lot

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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