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    Hey Taracque!

    I have been using the latest dev version of Raidplanner for over 6months now, and before that I used the prior version for several months. It has been more than good, and has been very usable for our WoW and SWtOR guilds. I think there has been about 60 users alltogether signing into raids, and on a regular basis (2-4 times a week) about 30 users to both games, split in half.

    Some notes that I have noticed while maintaining the calendar:

    – At the administrator interface while looking up for statistics, and when I have built there two guilds, the search doesn’t work as it should. When selecting different guilds, the query shows still all the users. Not sure whether the problem is in the sql query or where.

    – Now that we have several hundred raids in the calendar, and mostly 10-20 sign ups for every raid, it seems that sometimes some sign-ups are getting lost. Meaning, that they disappear. It’s very rare, but it seems to happen. Haven’t noticed a pattern yet. It’s only about 0,5-1% of all the sign-ups.

    – At the point when I moved to the latest dev build, I had before created my own template for two different games. Then I decided to take into use your template, It kinda messed part of my old raids (6 months ago), but I redid the template for two games, and it has worked like a charm. And when SWtOR doesn’t yet have an armory, we have made ~50 characters to the calendar manually to make it work.

    – The next bug comes from the WoW armory sync. Even though I set the time for it to re-sync to minimum, it only syncs in between a few days. So when new raiders are wanting to raid, their character could still be on too low a lvl to be able to sign (using the lvl requirement). Unless I force it to sync.

    – Also noticed that when a wow player changed his char’s name, it did update after the next sync, but his joomla user lost that character from regisry. So he had to re-choose the character, all the prior raid entries were normal though. Comes in to mind that does is the user id the toons name, or is there a seperate id field in the sql table for a character?

    – The ranks are also bit of a problem when using two guilds, who have different ranking system. If ranks gould be made for a certaing game or a guild, it would correct this problem.

    Future wishes,

    – It would be great for automated statistics to be taken into use for wanted user groups from front-end. So a front end gui for statistics would be very handy.

    – Support for Joomla 3.0. Actually I’m going to test in the upcoming days if your latest version works with it, I’m going to post what happens.

    – It would also be a good idea to consider if you would have the time and interest to make this calendar more general like. Meaning, it has all the potential to be a multi booking calendar for almost anything, more than raiding, if just tweaked a bit and made (perhaps?) into a new version where one could choose from several templates. Where could be templates for different games and maybe templates for instance sports teams who like to book gyms etc. for 10 people.

    But thanks for a great raiding calendar. We have over 90 persons in our gaming guild who I’m sure, would all like to thank you for the last 10 months.



    Well I’m working on a J3.0 version, but it needs a lot of work.
    Lot of things already done on that, but there are still lot more needed.
    Lost signups: I need more information on that, losing signup can be the effect of a Joomla account deletion, or the Character is somhow removed from the guild. There can be bug also, but noone else has reported such a thing.
    Frontend statistics is a popular request, I’ll make it.
    Make the calendar universal: As I’m the only developer of RaidPlanner it’s very unlikely that I’ll have time to make such a thing. As it becomes more complex it needs more and more time to maintain.
    Wow Armory doesn’t provide any information to track renamed characters. (there are some ways, like track achievements with dates, and compare characters on that, but it’s a huge work)

    To make it short:
    I’m working on the J3.0 version. Once it’s ready, I’ll start implement the new things (like fronent calendar)


    Hi Taracque,

    any news about the J3.x-version? I’m really looking forward for a new version of this great system. I really appreciate your work.

    Greetings, Chris


    Development version can be downloaded from here:

    At least it install in Joomla 3. Still ugly and I’m not even sure, that everything works…


    Great… I’am really looking forward for the Joomla!3-Version.

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