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    I’m not joomla expert but not total newcomer either. I’m building up a guildsite for my WoW guild and now i would like to add your calendar + roster on my site. I already made both sections visible on the site.

    Problem is that i don’t seem to get it synced with WoW armory. Should it synchronize automatically after i created the guild from raidplanner management? Sync is checked and sync time is 4 but it doesn’t synchronize. cURL is activated from my PHP.

    Another problem is with themes. When i installed WoW theme it complaint about something but in the other hand it added the new plugin aswell. My calendar seems to have icons for older raids and default wow logo, but those don’t show up after i made a test raid. Should the theme add somekind of graphical layout aswell cause on my calendar it seems to be same it was before installing the theme?

    Is there any other way to install that theme? Hosting Joomla on my wamp server so i have full access to the files.

    The roster part seems very simple aswell. There is no class colors etc and when i click my character name it doesn’t link anywhere. Only char i see in roster is the char i manually made for myself.

    link to my site: http://www.addiktio.dyndns.org
    the site is in Finnish and is under construction.

    Thank in advance for the support and great extension.



    You can add custom raid icons anytime, check this page:

    For wow armory syncing please check the followings:
    Guild name are written exactly as on Armory.
    Realm name is matches the Realm name on Armory.
    If you check Sync now checkbox and save the guild, it should be Synced instantly, with a confirmation:

    ArmorySync success

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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