Names on Raid Signups disapear.

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    Now and then, all, or some names on the raid signup goes blank, you can see there is people signed up, but not who.
    It has done this 4-5 times now. and i cant figure out what triggers it.

    If you try a check database, all signups is deleted.

    Its running on joomla 2.5.11. with wow theme 0.3 and latest version of raidplanner.


    Use wow theme 0.0.4 that matches Raidplanner 0.8.x
    Is your guild is connected to the armory (in case of wow) or is it synchronized in any way with another database?


    Hi and thx for the answer.

    Have updatet to wow theme 0.4 now.
    Yes its connectet to armory.
    Not syncronising to any other db.

    Another strange thing, if a user deletes his profile, without removeing his chars from the “raidplanner characters” Then recreates a profile, the chars cannot be connectet to a profile anymore. 🙂

    If possible, would it be possible to include a link to armory from the signup calender? For easy quick gear check:)

    the site is

    And many thx for time and effort you have put into raidplanner.


    Something strange on your site. Character names in Roster should be linked to Armory page.
    Either your guild is not setup correctly, or something is broken in your installation.
    Please install WoW Theme from this link:
    Also be sure, that RaidPlanner WoW Theme is enabled in Joomla Plugin manager.

    Your guild should be set up like this (be careful with the capitalization):
    Guild Name: Den Danske Guild
    Sync module: wow
    Plugin settings
    Realm: Terokkar
    Region: EU

    Also please check that if you have a plugins directory in administrator/components/com_raidplanner/ directory of your site. If there is one, please delete it.

    If still not working please give me an administrator account on your site, send the details to by email.

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    wow theme is installed.

    I tried reinstall/update with newest version af raidplanner, but that killed all raid signups.:( So went back again.

    Ive checked the settings , and they seem correct..
    I have sent login.

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