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    With F2P blosomming around, player are more and more playing multiple games, hence many guilds are based on more and more games.

    From this perspective, Raidplanners are not as useful as they should : RP, WRM our PHPRaider for instance are single-MMO-centric and very often you have to install whatever instance of your fave raidplanner to manage whatever games your guild is on (with one calendar per game). This is very painful.

    What about adding a “game” entry to your database, which yould be documented through the admin (so that only the games played by the guild are listed) which would be a key to whatever character / event is recorded (events/dungeons are linked to games, characters are linked to games, classes are linked to games)?

    Once the admin has documented the games his guild is on, players will be able to add their characters and events in relation to these MMOS, and events will then all be listed on a single raidplanner.

    Let’s have a short example with SW:ToR and WoW :

    On SW:ToR, I would have a SWTOR-Gilce, SWTOR-Bounty Hunter able to register to SWTOR-Eternity Vault while my WoW-Gilce, WoW-Druid would be able to register to WoW-Baradin’Hold.

    On the calendar, everything could then be displayed, but a player who’d like to register to an event would see only his eligible characters, since the “game” key would be used to select the proper things (kinda like “select * from user, character where level x and game =’swtor'”).

    I think this would be a major plus to RP (and to guild management) without being too time consuming to implement.Only thing is… synchronization with external site might be difficult whith several games. Well, not every game has synchronization, hence, I think we can live without since we would have everything on a single raidplanner instead.


    In case you have described, you have several guilds. And many users has different names accross games, so the solution is you put all Guilds into RP, enter all characters (in every game, guild) assign them to users.
    All raids can be connected to guilds (and therefore can be game specific), and only characters in that particular guild can be set for the raid.
    Since 0.7 game (theme) can be setup for guilds. What’s wrong with this?


    Sorry for the delay. Holidays and a new website to prepare, I hardly had little time spare.


    I’ve been able to test that, it’s a good start, yet, it seems there’s no game limitation, since I’ve been able to create an Asura Jedi Knight (half GW2 / half-SW:ToR). Having the game mentionned and linked to races / classes would prevent from having such mixes and would guarantee that we only have game-compliant characters.


    The Idea of Gilce here is, for instance, SWTOR has 16 Sub-classes. So I add the 16 Classes. Then, the Guild has presence on TSW, which has PLENTY of “classes” if i can say. Adding all this in the same “database” will simply offer huge lkist of classes in every games you have in your RP.

    What could be nice, is to add a GAME list. That will offer to the Admin, the choice to link the Guilds, Classes, Races Roles, to that specific Game.

    So when someone creates a character for lotro, it offers first the choice of the game. Then, after selection, the rest is dynamically showed.

    just my 2 cents here.


    I’ll check that, but it needs some major changes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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