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    Ok 1st Aw-sum raidplanner.

    But i wasn’t here if i didn’t have some problems.

    So like my Topics says.

    –The modal window is a pain in the *** and there is no way to disable it. i would love to see a option for that or a way to re-size it.

    –Ranks when creating a character you can give them ranks. Would love to be able to rename them. tried the XML file no success.

    –Roll selection when you create your character and keep it sticking to your profile would be aw-sum as well or at least a option for it.

    –Now the most important thing for me. to show the Created characters with there rank class roll and so on on the front page on a article.
    Tried to make a list my self and didn’t get as far as letting the names show up with the class but with the rest i can only retrieve the _id. not the _name. but then again i am not a php programmer.

    i checked the forums and there was a post that the stats for front page was fixed but i cant get then to display. (not talking about clicking on the calendar to see the signups. talking about the list you see when you logged in as admin Character list.

    If you could help me out with any of these problems i would be really great full.. so that my Guild master can stop busting my ballz 🙂

    Grz Fugly

    Guild Prepared


    Ok im a idiot. found modal settings and Stats and Character view when i created a new menu.. it was not under Components. :s feel stupid now..

    But now when a members want to view the calendar i get access denied and i can’t find were i can set the rights for Calendar. its not when i create the menu item not anywhere els i can see.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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