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    Hi! I’m totally noob in webmastering sorry, but my problems are the followings:

    – When people register and fill the character form, the charater is not created in the database, i’ve got to do it manually.
    – When people create an event, only 11 characters of the database are visible and, they can choose a character that isn’t their own but one of somebody else.
    – Roster is a white sheet with nothing in!!!

    I’m with Joomla 1.7, template: and your last RP files.

    Thanks for all.


    Characters never created autmatically. Either they are downloaded from armory, or you have to enter them manually.
    Users can assign characters to themselves if they enter the caracter names into their own profile.

    Event problem:
    Event organizers can sign up others characters not just their own, thats a normal behavior, and doable under the “Attendants” tab of the event. If you don’t want to do that remove the edit_raids_own and edit_raids_any privileges from that group where you are.

    Did you setup your guild in RaidPlanner?
    Can you please post your guild’s name, realm name, and region to le me test?
    If you check the “Sync now:” checkbox in guild settings, and save it, do you get your characters downloaded?
    Do you see the characters in RaidPlanner Administration interface?


    Ok, I understand for the characters.

    So, i’ve just check about the privileges, and if i remove the edit_raids_own and edit_raids_any, the new event button disappear. and it’s no more possible to create an event.

    For the roster, our guild is on a private serveur that has an armory maybe the roster is not possible with a private serveur?!


    Ok i’ve got an answer for the 11 characters only!!!

    I’ve created a test event, and at this time there was 11 characters in the database, then I added 5 more. But they weren’t visible in the raid, so i deleted the raid and create an other and they are now visible!


    Correction to the post #272
    So finally without the privilege “edit_raids_any”, I don’t have the new event button.


    There are 2 types of signup:
    1. Users can signup with their own characters after pressing “Signup” button in the event tab.
    2. Raid leader (officer etc. who has the edit_raid_* privileg) can signup anybody to the raid. (“Attendants” button)

    If raid has level range, guild, or minimum rank defined, only characters which match the criteria can be signed up.
    Ranks checked in reverse order (if raid has minimum rank 3 selected characters with rank 0,1,2,3 can be signed up for that raid)
    Character levels must be filled!

    I can’t support private servers, as almost every private server has its own armory structure, so you have to enter characters manually. Turn off Armory Sync for a private server, this can be turned off in Options of Raid Planner in the Joomla Admin interface (select RaidPlanner, and click on Options button on the upper right corner)


    Thank you for all your answers and your reactivity!!!

    I’ve just change icons for WOTLK raids but your RP is the best of all!!! Easy to configure and to use, so all I needed!

    Very good job at the end!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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