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    I am using joomla 3.2.2, and raid planner “8117d10”

    I cannot seem to be able to have joomla users enter their characters manually. I am going to be using this for something other than WoW so I need a way for users to enter their own toons. i can add them from the backend with no problem, or I can upload a csv to the database, but that requires me to do it, and i am looking at 50+ users so i would like the option for them to do it.

    the joomla user profile page only shows “Characters (optional), Calendar secret (optional), Vacation (optional)”

    even as superuser these fields do not seem to do anything. any advice on how to get this working would be great !


    1st: be sure, that User – Raidplanner plugin is enabled (I think it is, since you see the fields)
    2nd: check if the User – Raidplanner Plugin setting the Character Editor is set to enabled.
    3rd: Check in RaidPlanner Options/Permissions that the appropriate user group has the Edit Characters privilege granted.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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