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    I have downloaded the latest raidplanner from the github for joomla, my site is running joomla 3.5 with a responsive layout. I can install it just fine except for the default media/icons dont show up.

    the second issue im having is that I am not able to change the permissions of my user group to allow the calendar to be viewed which is keeping me from letting my users see the planner ..

    the third issue im having is that I turned off having it come up on a modal window because when the modal comes up it tries to load my whole site into the modal plus the calendar and it does not look right. So when i turned off the modal option the calendar does not even come up , it tries to load and then dissapears I am unable to use it without the modal but I just want it to load the calendar not my whole site.

    Is there something that can be done for this a special setting that I can turn off in the code?

    I know im going to have to do a custom css style for it but right now i am just trying to get it to work correctly .. any advice would be helpful.




    0.9.3 should fixes the permission problem.
    There is a RaidPlanner setting which prevent Modal dialog usage. Have you tried that?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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