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    Hello dear Taracque,

    I have some issues with your Raid Planer.
    First of all I tried to make my own iconset for GW2 but I didn´t found the .css where I could define the classes.
    So I took your WOW theme, but Instalation failed (not compleetly).
    I now have the Icons of WOW in my /images file and the raidplanner is filled out whith WOW specific classes and so on…
    Things missing: the Plugin and the css of the theme.

    Could You help me please?
    Ore where I have to put the files ist specificly to get it work? Without installin via backend?

    If you whish I could send you print screens of the failor-notice.

    With best Regards,


    Please describe what’s not working with the WoW theme installation.

    First you need to create a plugin file (that’s a PHP file which goes to plugins folder of administrator/components/com_raidplanner)

    That plugin file will loads the CSS file (call it guildwars2.php , and should looks like this:


    defined( ‘_JEXEC’ ) or die( ‘Restricted access’ );

    class RaidPlannerPluginGuildWars2 extends RaidPlannerPlugin {

    public function loadCSS() {
    JHTML::stylesheet(‘raidplanner_gw2.css’, ‘images/raidplanner/css/’ );
    return true;


    Once you have this file, you can add a raidplanner_gw2.css file into images/raidplanner/css directory.


    Thank You for Your fast answer.

    At this time this is not my problem.

    The first Problem is, that I want to install the “WOW Theme Pack”.
    After installing the theme via backend following message come sup:
    JFile::copy(/var/www/web123/html/katjes-gilde/tmp/RPinstall_503256c4b74d8/Taraque-RaidPlanner-wow-c5aae22/class_icons/wow_mage.png, /vor/www/web653/html/[funktion.copy]:failed to open stream: No such file or direktory

    And so one.. goes up to the .css failing installation.



    Could it be, that I have moved the whole Joomla direktory from /katjes-gilde to /unique-gilde and that broke the Raidplanner?

    If yes, how to I delete the whole Raidplanner from the Joomla installation to restart from a clean version?

    Or, how cold I get it working otherwise? Because I think it is easier only to swich the Icons and rename them like in WOW or changing 6 paramams in one .css to our needs, than write it complete new.

    What I did before writing this.
    I tried to get it working by copping the files from the WOW Theme to the directory´s in my Joomla installation. But it is still not working like it should I think.
    I put the images to  /html/ and the other one to the right directory.
    Then I put the plugin files to /html/ perhaps this was wrong^^
    And then the raidplanner_wow.css to /html/

    I´ll give it a try now in /html/

    I would be pleased If You could solve my “little” problems.

    All other things still work fine and I have much respect of Your skills.

    Best Regards,


    • This reply was modified 10 years, 9 months ago by Kurash.

    If you have moved the Joomla installation, please check in Global Configuration / System, that the Temp path is set to a correct one. You don’t need to remove RaidPlanner, just fix the configuration, and that will fixes this issue.
    Once the config is fixed, simply install WoW Armory plugin again.


    Thank You very much.

    I´ll give it a try and I´ll post my results.

    Best Regards,


    So I did what You sayed but it still does no right installation. The only thing that changed is the Error message. It is the same like in my second post but /katjes-gilde is now /unique-gilde so it is the right /tmp now.

    Best Regards,

    ps.: I can´t send You a PM I would make you an offer^^

    • This reply was modified 10 years, 9 months ago by Kurash.

    Drop me a mail to taracque at taracque dot hu.


    You should now have one:)


    Problem solved,

    the TMP folder’s config was
    wrong, it was
    instead of

    (the .de was missing)

    Thank´s to Taracque for his great help.

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