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    Hey guys,

    I was just wondering if any of you have set RaidPlanner up to work well/integrate with StackIdeas’ EasySocial and their non Joomla groups/custom fields. Alternatively if you have tried and ran into any brick walls I’d love to hear about it. I haven’t tried to do anything with RP yet but figured I’d ask before rolling up my sleeves too far and digging in.

    RP looks pretty cool from what I’ve read so far and sounds kind of like what I’ve been hoping to find. Basically I wanted to find a calendar that my users could add events/request time slots on and have it so that other players could register for those.

    This is going to be for a multi-game site with a primary focus on WildStar, GW2, and Rift I think. Secondary games I hope to use it with are Minecraft, Cubeworld and anything else that users request. 🙂

    (I may post a feature request regarding making an app plugin for ES in their directory for RP if things look promising.)

    Anyway thanks for your hard work on this project Taracque. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get to dig into RP and see what all it can do. Keep up the great work!



    I need some kind of API documentation for EasySocial. As it’s a pay download I cannot even check it. If you have access for such a documentation please let me know.


    Hey Taraque,

    This is what I know exists:
    Developer Documentation – http://docs.stackideas.com/developers
    Admin Documentation – http://docs.stackideas.com/administrators

    They also have a contact form here:

    They’ve been pretty good about answering any questions I had. I put in a request to them to contact you and let you know if they offered a free dev license or not. I recall seeing something about one somewhere unless I’m mistaken and saw that for another product. Hopefully if they do they will give you a shout. 🙂




    That seems enough for starting the work. If they don’t want to give a free dev copy, I can make the plugin, and you can test it.


    Thank yah sir! 🙂



    Hey Taracque,

    So I decided to come give your plugin a try again. Tried the 1.9 build or whatever is listed and found/realized it doesn’t have the ES addin that you added. So I deleted/uninstalled from the site and tried the dev build from the main RaidPlanner page and get this error when it’s installing:

    Fatal error: Class ‘FD’ not found in /home/<SITENAME>/public_html/tmp/install_569aae9a7e7e2/Taracque-RaidPlanner-3f5e66e/install/install.script.php on line 112

    Looks like it installs most of the other parts of it…

    When I look under Plugins I see
    User – Raid Planner

    and under Modules:
    RaidPlanner Today
    RaidPlanner Events

    Any tips or anything I should try to make it work with EasySocial installed? 🙂




    I’ve tested it with EasySocial v1.3.28, and it works for me.
    The error what you have copied means that EasySocial Foundry is not loaded. Which version of ES are you using?
    Alternatively you can try to install it manually. Zip the /3rd_party_plugins/easysocial/ folder, and install it using ES Applications installer.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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