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    having the ability to select a date format for the calendar view would be cool. I assume the events module uses that date, which is where I really want it changed, so if we could change it from the default (year-month-day-24hr time) it would be great. I would like to see “month-day-time”

    (I tried to create a DATE_FORMAT_LC & DATE_FORMAT_LC1 override in joomla but it didn’t work)


    omg nevermind.. its the LC4 override I needed to soon as I posted this I saw additional options for date format. so sorry I cant delet the post


    Np. Can be useful information for others.


    I have been meaning to get back on this, but not sure if I should post it here or in bug thread.

    I thought creating a “DATE_FORMAT_LC4” override in the language settings solved my issue but it does not (almost) the override does work, but it also shows the 24 hour time.

    my override is: DATE_FORMAT_LC4 D F d, h:i a
    and the output is: Mon April 7, 08:45 pm 20:45

    it may be hard coded somewhere in your component to display that last piece of time, if it could use just the LC4 format that would be swell

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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