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    Hi, is it possible to add a feature for the community builder?
    I have the Problem that the registration on the page is controlled by the community builder so i already have fields for the characters of my users.


    Can you please tell me how your characters field defined in CB? (Type, name, and in what format are you storing the chars?)

    I’ve written a plugin for CB, which keeps CB and RP fields in sync. Download if from here:
    Install and enable in CB’s Plugin Management interface. You should setup the field names in the configuration window of the plugin.
    Please post a feedback!

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    Hey, i defined 4 fields in cb for the Character

    cb_main ; Name Hauptchar ; text
    cb_vacation ; Urlaub bis ; date
    cb_mainclass ; Klasse Hauptcharakter ; text
    cb_calsecret ; Cal Secret ; text

    played around a bit but i don’t know, it seems to do… nothing
    Maybe i have done something wrong.

    In the other tread i have posted the guest login data, maybe you wanna have a look?


    In your case cb_main, cb_vacation and cb_calsecret are playing. (class is downloaded from the roster)
    I don’t see the those fields using the guest logon, and vacation should be text as well, since it defines a from to range (or more ranges). I’ll test this config tomorrow.


    ok, i changed the vacation field and changed the permissions for the character tab for the guest account 😉

    since the armory sync is not working properly, i have no chars atm :-/


    Armory sync should work, however in the current version it has been changed a bit. Guilds can be managed in the RaidPlanner component administration interface, and you can define which guild will be shown in the Roster page.


    Ok, armory sync now works in the new version, but it still doesn’t link the char with the user


    Please check if you see a RaidPlanner section in right of user details in user manager of joomla. Be sure, that RaidPlanner user plugin enabled.
    Characters have to be separated by a newline (one character in each line) and it should appear in RaidPlanner section of user profile in Joomla’s user management.
    If there is no RaidPlanner section in User’s profile page, that means RaidPlanner user plugin is not enabled
    If the section is there, but it’s empty, it means that profile was not saved with character names in it, or RaidPlanner Plugin is not enabled or not published for Community builder. Check it in Community builder’s Plugin Manager. It must be published and Enabled, to work.
    If you see the characters in user’s profile, please check that every name is in a separate line.


    Well i tried everything, but it doesn`t do anything.
    And i can’t imagine why there has to be a RaidPlanner Section in the Joomla User Manager.
    Every Registration is controlled by CB and like the CB plugin says it sync between CB and RaidPlanner(which it doesn’t).
    The plugin was enabled all the time btw…

    Maybe screenshots of a working configuration would help. maybe i just don’t understand you right.


    Let me explain how it works. (Joomla 1.6/1.7)

    The prerequisites are:
    1. RaidPlanner CB plugin installed, enabled and published
    2. RaidPlanner User plugin for joomla installed and published
    3. You have at least one field in CB defined for list of characters
    4. CB field is defined as Character field in RP CB plugin.

    a. User goes to the Community Builder profile page, and edit the filed defined in 3.
    b. press the save button. RaidPlanner CB plugin captures that event, and copies data from field defined in 3 to Joomla user data.
    c. User opens a raid, RaidPlannet gets the data from Joomla user data, and apply it to RaidPlanner database.

    (If prerequisites are met)
    I. login as Joomla user on frontend, and change your character field, and press Save.
    II. login to backend, and open User manager in Users menu. Click on your account.
    III. Check right side of the screen. There should be at least 2 boxes (Basic Settings and RaidPlanner) If RaidPlanner is not there, go to Extensions / Plugin Manager and enable User – RaidPlanner plugin and start again.
    IV. Expand RaidPlanner box, and check if you see the same value as you entered in a.
    If it is not there, check the followings:
    – Do you see your data on CB Profile page?
    – Did you setup the CB RaidPlanner Plugin? Beware, that CB automatically add cb_ prefix to user defined fieldnames. Did you entered the exactly same name?


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    Ok thanks a lot… that helped to configure it correct,

    I changed everything like you have listed it but when i open an event i can’t signup whith the character i entered in the cb field. When i check the character in the raidplanner backend it is still not linked to my account.
    The Char is saved in my cb profile and also in the joomla user profile.


    Ok, I’ve reworked the auto assign part, hopefully will work better than before.


    Ok, i tested a bit and it works, first it was a bit strange that the player is saved to the joomla registration after the next armory sync but thats ok.

    A final question to this topic:
    In your FAQ you say that “Characters needs to be entered in a seperate line each.”
    is it possible to do that over cb as well (never tesed it, or i just don’t know how)?


    If you add a field to community builder as text area, than characters can be entered in the same way as in Joomla. However in recent versions of RaidPlanner ; , and space can also be used as delimiter between characters.


    Community builder plugin is updated. Download the latest version from github, and zip plug_raidplanner folder (can be found in 3rd_party_plugins / community_builder of the package) and install it with CB-s plugin manager.
    It will add a new field type to CB’s Field Manager. Using that field type users (who has edit_characters right, check RaidPlanner groups) can add, edit, delete their own characters.

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