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    Greetings everyone.
    May i have your attention to my problem.
    I cant sync my guild with armory since wow patch 6.0.2.
    Joomla version Version 2.5.22
    RaidPlanner WoW Theme 0.0.6 Taracque 2013-11-15
    guild page: http://www.morteougloria.com

    Could this be a problem related to raidplanner?
    I dont think so because i already updated RP version and wow theme also.

    Could this is an armory problem?

    Could this is a problem related to my realm name?
    This is my guild armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/pt/guild/aggra-portugues/MORTE_OU_GL%C3%93RIA/

    Before this problem i normaly sync my guild with the following info:
    realm: Aggra (Português)

    From the last few monts wen sync worked i had an issue that need help also.

    So since Realm Aggra (Português) and Grimbatol are connected that means that in my guild i can have characters from both realms.

    For example characters now just dont have the nick name.
    Before realms are conected my character name was Metalslug.
    Now is Metalslug-aggra(portugês) and likely if i have a character in grimbatol Charactername-Grimbatol.
    example from armory for better understanding:
    This 2 characters are from my own account and belong to the same guild from 2 realms connected.

    So the problem here is that i have in each realm Characters with the same character name. example:
    Metalslug-Aggra(portugês) (hunter)
    Metalslug-Grimbatol (warrior)

    Wen the sync guild with armory worked for me in my guild roster the sync changed my character from hunter to a warrior. In basic words i only have 1 Metalslug Character in guild roster.

    Sory for my very bad english, i did my best.
    Need your help 🙂

    • This topic was modified 8 years, 7 months ago by Metalslug. Reason: adding my guild page url

    Problem solved, i did asked help in game ticket from a Gm that helped me with the sync issue. the problem was the guild name, guild name must be the same as in guild roster URL, so this means that i must name my guild in sync with “MORTE_OU_GLÓRIA” and not MORTE OU GLÓRIA 🙂 .

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