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    Hello taracque,

    First: many thanks for your work on this very well-made and useful plugin.

    It is nearly exactly what i’m looking for. But unfortunately only “almost”, due to a certain little thing it is useless for me, unfortunately.

    I’ll try to explain:

    We are an “kind” of Multigaming-Clan, for this I have created a Joomla site. The primary function of this website is that the community can administrate and organisate for themselves. Possible without have to deal with Joomla and / or the back end.

    The only “administrative” part is currently, to but them from “registered” Usergroup to “Member” and “SektionMember”-Groups.

    That’s why the first thing doesn’s Match for me. Is it possible to connect the UserGroups from the Raidplaner dircetly to the Joomla-UserGroups?

    for example: JoomlaUser Group “Moderator” is linked to the RaidplanerGroup “admin”.


    The 2nd thing that unfortunately didn’t match, is the missing possibility to manage and add “characters” from the frontend.  Is there a chance to implement a function like that?

    Please do not get me wrong, your project with the best I could find. And these are not just for Joomla. the most other Raidplanner or DKP-systems, are to overloaded, buggy or only designed for a particular game. Your system, however, is simple, flexible and focused on the most important features. Very great job!


    Hi Azzurro, take a look at http://www.allgenda.com.

    It might have what you need thought independant from joomla.


    Hi alan,

    Thx for your offer, it looking also really good. But what i need is a “joomla”-integrated Solution. Easy as possible for the user and the moderators.  No Double Login, no “external”-Site and i need a ‘german’ interface.

    But by the way, it is no the gentle-way to make promotion, for your own project in on a “non-commercial” project Site, like taracque’s.

    But your “Allgenda” Project looks very good also.

    hope Taracque will come back soon :-/



    Yes, that’s true that it is not gentle. I hesitated a lot after realizing that there is no way to PM you from this forum and failing to google you. And i tried to make it as low profile as possible.

    Leave me a way to contact you (your clan website for example) and i could discuss what could be possible with joomla (i have already something with phpBB that i will adapt), and i plan to have the service translated in German, Russian, Italian and Japanese by the end of february.



    If you remove all Groups from RaidPlanner Joomla ACLs will be used in RaidPlanner. (Simply delete all groups from RaidPlanner)
    Frontend Character editing, assignments are possible just grant Edit Characters for the groups who needs to edit their own characters, and enable Character Editor in RaidPlanner User Plugin settings.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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