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i have the error too.
I’m using FF 6 and Joomla 1.7

After intalling the RP the popup only opens 50% of the time.
When it opens it contains nothing.

I already tried some “solutions” from your old page like
but it still don’t work.

At the moment i have a “solution” but i think it is a pretty dirty one.
In the file /components/com_raidplanner/assets/raidplanner.js
i commented the hole line
//if ((MooTools.version >=’1.3′) && (typeof(SqueezBox)!=’undefined’)) {
out (and the } at the end of course).

if you want to test something, let me know
URL: http://www.nirraven.com/spielwiese/
user: gast
pw: gast00


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