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    Raidplanner is a great component for joomla guild, it would be cool to pouvour use it for other game wow, like Star Wars The Old Republic.

    to define the specialization also ….


    As I don’t play SWTOR I don’t know what are you talking about. So please tell a bit more about what’s missing from RP.


    As for WoW and SWTOR MMO games every other class have one or more specialized example the wow mage can be specialized fire or ice, or arcane and the SWTOR Bounty Hunter can be a mercenary or specialist expertise, so a field specialization in Adjustable character creation in the admin panel as for classes and races would be cool. if not in raids and roles can upload other iconic images from the respective admin Panel. All this would allow Raidplanner the only component to be used for joomla n’inporte what MMO games.

    Otherwise also the French translation but I saw what would be soon.


    So basically you want one more field for characters called “specialization” or “talent”?
    Does this really needed for RaidPlanning?
    In WoW talents can be swapped really easily, so storing it doesn’t make to much sense. As SWTOR armory doesn’t have API (yet) this specialization needs to be changed manually, which needs a lot of administration.
    How it working in SWTOR?
    I think storing possible roles instead of specialization would be better, as in most cases raid leaders needs roles not specs.
    But if you really need to use different specs, you can add them as classes:

    Bounty Hunter (mercenary)
    Bounty Hunter (powertech)

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    I have actually taken the mod and changed the field around to fit for SWTOR. I hope that is ok with the creator of the mod.

    Check out my website (might have to sign up to see it) its up and running for all the raids, I have no changed the images yet, I guess I should get to that



    RaidPlanner is distributed under GPL licence, so it’s absolutelly acceptable to modify it to fit you needs. Btw, if you think that your mods are usefull for others, please publish it, or send it to me via email ( taracque at taracque dot hu ), and I’ll built it into the RaidPlanner distribution.


    OK sure, I will change the images to the correct Raids from SWTOR and then send it to you 🙂


    id be interested in that, drop me a line at lesvitzer@msn.com

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