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    Dear Taracque,

    first i would like say “Thanks” for this greate Plugin.

    I like to sort the following “arrays” in the PopUp Window by click on the description.


    i have found this sortstring “com_raidplanner&view=characters#” but it’s only available in the administration system.

    can u help me please?


    It’s a bit complicated, but definitely doable. I’ll implement this in a few days.


    Try the latest version from github. I’ve made the attendace table sortable, but first you need to click on the table to enable sort feautre on it.


    Hey Taracque,

    thanks for u greate Work!
    So i have a new idea, for a new feature 😉 But it’s not important.

    Can u creat a new db for “raid attendance” and show this by mouse over in the popup menu?


    Huh, can you explain this a bit more?


    Hi Taracque,

    shure 🙂

    I would like to evaluate with pleasure the whole participation in raids.
    “user raid attendance”


    Sorry, I still can’t understand what you want.
    Would you like a list off attendants shown when you drag the mouse over a raid in the calendar view?
    Or you want a statistical page which shows raids by character?

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    so i would like to see with pleasure how often somebody has taken part all together
    showed by mouseover or statistical page…
    personally i need only the “attendants data” in a sql table my javaskill not well enough to grep this information 🙁


    “how often somebody has taken part all together” All what?
    Mate, can you please give some exact details about your needs?
    What should be stored in attendants data table? How Javascript are connected to SQL?

    I’m working on a statistic page. This will be on the backend, and will contains some attendance statistics as well, however there will be no new SQL table for that.


    I would like see ONLY the RAID ATTENDANCE – How often somebody was present in the Raids.

    This would be my idea, based on your sql structure:

    Write out the “Raid_ID” in the table of “* _raidplanner_character” and values this column. You write the result in a new column, e.g.: “Raid_Att” this value you are economical In terms of percentage and already we have the information.


    Signups are stored in raidplanner_signups table. The raid ID and characters ID-s are connected there.
    If you want a new table, the data must be filled there somehow. Probably you want a place where raid leaders can register who was there actually?

    Sorry for asking that many, but I can’t see into you brain, and you talking about technical details without the actual problem/need.

    Just tell me exactly what you want, but with details:
    a.) I would like to see an attendance statistics. The attendance is registered by the raid leader.


    b.) I would like to see a statistics about signups and confirmation. A particular character was confirmed for raid x times in last month.

    What you mean on attendance? As RaidPlanner itself doesn’t know how was there actually, how and who should put the data into RaidPlanner? Should it be a frontend view, or it needs to be accessible by admins only?


    No problem dude!

    With “Raid Attendance” i mean “Plan B”.
    A “statistics” who was present actively by a confirmed raid.

    As an example:
    We had put down up to now 10 Raids and player “X” was present X% ( e.g. 75% ) of it.

    This information i would like see via Mouseover by the PopUp Window where u can signup / confirmed the players.

    I hope know u understand me? 🙂


    Well Plan B (if you mean my point b.) is not about “present”. It’s about signup and confirmation.
    With version b. you can get the following statistics:
    In the last 10 raid player X was signed up 80% and was confirmed 75%, were signed with Late status 10%, and signed with Non attending status 5% (means in 5% of the raids he/she didn’t signed up)

    Let me clarify one thing:
    In my point of view PRESENT is not something that RaidPlanner knows. RaidPlanner knows about signup, invitation, and confirmation.
    It can happen that a character was signed, confirmed but wasn’t there (did not PRESENT)

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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