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    So we have started to work on our web page for our guild and decided to try RaidPlanned. We are using Joomla! 3.3. So far, it really is the only one out there which could suit our needs but there are few things I’m not sure how to do or is the RaidPlanner able to do.

    So first, we play WoW and are using RaidPlanner to for signup to raids. Is it possbile to create repeatable raid events to calendar? Like, we have every thursday for example raids and we would like to create multiple raids to that day and for other days we have raids.

    Secondly, is it possible to massinvite players at once and set their status to approved by default?

    Thirdly. Is it possible to separate the character selection out from user profile to it’s own. I mean, currently it is automatically integrated to User Manager >> Edit User Profile where you can add or select the character.

    Please tell me if I have missed some critical plugins and module installations as I have downloaded Taracque-RaidPlanner-0.9.1-2-g63928f9 and RaidPlanner-wow-master


    I wonder if this has been noticed by anyone.

    Anyways, I figured the repeating raid thingy so that’s solved.

    But, if I try to add a character on front-end, it shows the success of saving user information but the character doesn’t show on user profile. Perhaps a conflict with Jfusion?

    But anyways, I would love to have some information about how to separate the character selection out from the Joomlas default user login mod to it’s own page.


    I also don’t see Characters on profiles, but my build uses Kunena. In my case it’s a non-issue, but if I think the functionality of showing each person’s character on their profile would be nifty.

    About repeating raids — I’ve got two events that run for two weeks apiece, alternating back and forth (Weeks 1&2: Event 1 on Sundays, Weeks 3&4: Event 2 on Sundays, Weeks 5&6: Event 1 on Sundays, etc.). I’m not sure how to set Raid Planner to do that; is it even currently possible?


    So I took a look on the code and structure behind this component and sadly, it appears that I would need to do some hardcore code editing by my own to get the my desired needs. As this would change the component a lot differently, and I doubt the developer would start making other version of this just because of me, I will seek a different way to achieve my needs unless someone corrects me and tells me the correct way to achieve those features.

    So I guess I should submit a thread to Feature request instead using this thread.


    Yes just use the templates, Raid like 7 dayes before or simular and he make a new raid a week after with all the invited people from before …

    Its tricky because the template ist most likley empty you have to check the code and fixed it and than its works…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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