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Timezone problem is now fixed in modules.
The modal box background color can be setup using the following css descriptor:
#sbox-content { background-color: black }
If you want white outer border for the modal window, add
#sbox-window { background-color: white }
to your template’s css.

If you have “edit_raids_any” permission, that means you can signup any characters to the raid not just your own. This right is for officers.

For self service signup the following conditions are checked:
Current user has character(s) (check in RaidPlanner backend / Characters), which meets Raid’s configuration (level is in the defined range, rank is lower or same that in raid definition, if guild defined in raid, character have to be in the same guild), and there are at least Freeze time minutes left till raid start.
If all of those matches, you will see a “Signup” (“Anmeldung”) button in event dialog where you can signup your characters only.


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