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Yes, i agree it would be quite a major overhaul, yet it’s not quite as if we could’nt do without. As you said somewhere else, we just can add whatever line is needed, no matter a given race can’t chose a given class.

The graphic part shouldn’t be much hassle, and it would add readibility : you konw the icon, you have a look at the calendar and already know at first glance what’s going on thanks to the icon.

One last thing I was just thinking about, as you mentionned Kunena in another topic, would be to add a “custom kunena discussbot” so that the Raidplanner would automatically open a discussion in Kunena can react, post tips, commentaries, pics or videos… well, anything a forum can be used for actually.

By the way, you’re doing a good job. I’ve been using phpRaider for quite some years, tested your first go at raidplanner but it lacked the “roster” part, and now I’ve made the jump to your raidplanner.


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