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Well I’m working on a J3.0 version, but it needs a lot of work.
Lot of things already done on that, but there are still lot more needed.
Lost signups: I need more information on that, losing signup can be the effect of a Joomla account deletion, or the Character is somhow removed from the guild. There can be bug also, but noone else has reported such a thing.
Frontend statistics is a popular request, I’ll make it.
Make the calendar universal: As I’m the only developer of RaidPlanner it’s very unlikely that I’ll have time to make such a thing. As it becomes more complex it needs more and more time to maintain.
Wow Armory doesn’t provide any information to track renamed characters. (there are some ways, like track achievements with dates, and compare characters on that, but it’s a huge work)

To make it short:
I’m working on the J3.0 version. Once it’s ready, I’ll start implement the new things (like fronent calendar)


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