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Well to put it simple a charmanagement which allows even the dumb players to create and manage their char’s easily. currently the “sync” feature with the community builder plugin doesn’t work without hassle. what would be nice is, if a given usergroup can crud their own chars from their profiles. this works with the normal user profile, but not with the community builder one. i’ll illustrate some sample for you tomorrow.

Mass and simple

[User Simple]

Modify the raidplaner events and today module to include a checkbox for each events to signup for every checked event with a single click.

[User more complex]

Modify the raidplaner events and today module to include a checkbox AND a dropdown status & char signup, which will be used for every checked event. Submit all selected signups with 1 click!

show a list with all not attending members below with a checkbox beside each. upon selecting wanted players and signup status change attendance for those players with one click!
Sometimes we arrange a quick new event in the ts and the rl could simply signup everyone with one click for this and because we have pretty lazy players when it comes to signups this would ease the hasstle for us 😀

-Divide the signup Status into 4 tables
1 attending
2 waiting list or “bench” -> player which are not in the starting lineup but will be neened later on, maybe with a note!
3 not attending
4 not signed up till now -> here is every player listet who is not in any of the brakets before

-include a list of x events below the caledar with same functionality as user complex

-Every Member is not attending per default (to track attendance for later use and overall stats :D).

-User -> include a textfield per signup to include a note. Use case: comming 15 min late or something like that. the signup status late doesen’t help me consider how mch the player will be late which could be crucial sometimes.

-Raidlead -> show a notification icon beside the user with a mouseover display of the “note message”

if anything is unclear i’m happy to explain it further!

best regards


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