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There are 2 types of signup:
1. Users can signup with their own characters after pressing “Signup” button in the event tab.
2. Raid leader (officer etc. who has the edit_raid_* privileg) can signup anybody to the raid. (“Attendants” button)

If raid has level range, guild, or minimum rank defined, only characters which match the criteria can be signed up.
Ranks checked in reverse order (if raid has minimum rank 3 selected characters with rank 0,1,2,3 can be signed up for that raid)
Character levels must be filled!

I can’t support private servers, as almost every private server has its own armory structure, so you have to enter characters manually. Turn off Armory Sync for a private server, this can be turned off in Options of Raid Planner in the Joomla Admin interface (select RaidPlanner, and click on Options button on the upper right corner)


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