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As I see you are using joomla 1.5. So probably you have UserMeta plugin installed, and you have modified user.xml as described in faq.

If so, you have to see those fields in user details in user manager of the backend.

Characters field is only for character assignment, so in your case it will not help you so much. As RaidPlanner has no SWTOR armory sync module (yet), you have to manually add all characters of your guild in RaidPlanner backend. (If you know any documentation of SW:TOR armory api, please post a link here, and I’ll make a sync module for SW:TOR)
So once you have the characters in RaidPlanner database, RaidPlanner will auto assign characters to users based on data in characters field.

Roster is guild based. So it will show characters only assigned to that guild.

MOD_RAIDPLANNER_NO_EVENTS is missing from the language files, I’ll add it. Until that you can add the following line to


The calendar download is an .ics file, try to click with Alt button pressed on it, or left click, and save target to a file. Once you have downloaded the file, you can add it to any .ics compatible calendar application.

To make signup works, you need characters in RaidPlanner database, and those characters needs to be assigned to users. Otherwise it will not work.


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