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😮 as guest works perfect! Guild logo apears and can be sorted by what we want with the css 🙂 but, it only works as guest. Ive tryed disable all the modules in the roster link but i presume the problem is wen im loged in.

I’m not usedto check errors i google it to find how can i see errors in a page and ive found some with my jv.moomenu.js from my template. Gona check it out but the erros seems to be around the menu as i can see.
as an example:
TypeError: el.doActive is not a function


el.addEvent(‘mouseover’, function()
return false;

Evry line that has el.doActive or el.doDeactivate gives an error, im gona check out this with a friend, Thanks Taracque for the suport giving me a direction to solve the problem 🙂


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