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Thank You for Your fast answer.

At this time this is not my problem.

The first Problem is, that I want to install the “WOW Theme Pack”.
After installing the theme via backend following message come sup:
JFile::copy(/var/www/web123/html/katjes-gilde/tmp/RPinstall_503256c4b74d8/Taraque-RaidPlanner-wow-c5aae22/class_icons/wow_mage.png, /vor/www/web653/html/[funktion.copy]:failed to open stream: No such file or direktory

And so one.. goes up to the .css failing installation.



Could it be, that I have moved the whole Joomla direktory from /katjes-gilde to /unique-gilde and that broke the Raidplanner?

If yes, how to I delete the whole Raidplanner from the Joomla installation to restart from a clean version?

Or, how cold I get it working otherwise? Because I think it is easier only to swich the Icons and rename them like in WOW or changing 6 paramams in one .css to our needs, than write it complete new.

What I did before writing this.
I tried to get it working by copping the files from the WOW Theme to the directory´s in my Joomla installation. But it is still not working like it should I think.
I put the images to  /html/ and the other one to the right directory.
Then I put the plugin files to /html/ perhaps this was wrong^^
And then the raidplanner_wow.css to /html/

I´ll give it a try now in /html/

I would be pleased If You could solve my “little” problems.

All other things still work fine and I have much respect of Your skills.

Best Regards,


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