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Greatings again and thanks for the fast reply.
The point of the week calendar module is only to be practical with a litle visual impact for the slackers that could forgot to signup, the possibility for the module could have the upcoming 7 days is the best :D!

Il give you and example watch this website from a guild: Link
And watch my guild webpage with your lovely component running: Link
kinda miss that impact that i was talking about.

If theres a module in the front page with a week calendar gives a diferent idea for wen a event is coming. If this makes alot of work and code dont bother but the statistic list for every member could see it is a must for a guild organization 🙂

I have a question about something but i prefer making a new topic for it to not mix subjects in a single topic.

Thanks Taracque and keep the awsome work.

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