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In Secret World existing no Races or Classes and no Level. For Example , the following Link is for “Secret World Arsenal” …http://chronicle.thesecretworld.com/cabal/DAWN this is a Guild Overview. This Link …http://chronicle.thesecretworld.com/character/Renzo will inform at the chars …. Classes like Tank, Healer and DD’s resulting out of the Build’s from a Char (Equipped Actives, Equipped Passives) and the Flexibility of the Char’s resulting out of the Skillwheel. Any Char can play defferent Rols. The Secret Society Rang is more a Position for the chars in there  factions and give access to Social Armor, Titles and Gadgets in the Game.

List of Role’s : Tank, Healer, Range DD, Melee DD and Support DD

These Roles are playable at Secret World, but fixed Roles like WoW does not exist.

I hope these Info’s help you out and the Links to Cronicle are helpfull 😉



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