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If you remove the line
min-width: 700px;
from raidplanner.css (can be found in components/com_raidplanner/assets ) itt will make it smaller, however I’m not sure, if the calendar is usable with a smaller size.
Also you can adjust width of calendar cells (line 53,100,113 width definitions in the same file), it’s 97px by default, but smaller size makes raid labels hard to read.
If you don’t want to modify raidplanner’s file, you can add the following lines to your templates css file:

.rp_container, .rp_header_container {
min-width: 100% !important;

.rp_calendar_body td {
width: 14% !important;

.rp_calendar_body td .event a,
.rp_calendar_body td .event {
width:100% !important;

those overwrites all width declarations in raidplanner.css

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