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Let me explain how it works. (Joomla 1.6/1.7)

The prerequisites are:
1. RaidPlanner CB plugin installed, enabled and published
2. RaidPlanner User plugin for joomla installed and published
3. You have at least one field in CB defined for list of characters
4. CB field is defined as Character field in RP CB plugin.

a. User goes to the Community Builder profile page, and edit the filed defined in 3.
b. press the save button. RaidPlanner CB plugin captures that event, and copies data from field defined in 3 to Joomla user data.
c. User opens a raid, RaidPlannet gets the data from Joomla user data, and apply it to RaidPlanner database.

(If prerequisites are met)
I. login as Joomla user on frontend, and change your character field, and press Save.
II. login to backend, and open User manager in Users menu. Click on your account.
III. Check right side of the screen. There should be at least 2 boxes (Basic Settings and RaidPlanner) If RaidPlanner is not there, go to Extensions / Plugin Manager and enable User – RaidPlanner plugin and start again.
IV. Expand RaidPlanner box, and check if you see the same value as you entered in a.
If it is not there, check the followings:
– Do you see your data on CB Profile page?
– Did you setup the CB RaidPlanner Plugin? Beware, that CB automatically add cb_ prefix to user defined fieldnames. Did you entered the exactly same name?


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